Sky Arches on Flickr.

A sky shot to capture some of the Arches detail with some blue when the thick cloud had finally cleared. I used HDR (High Dynamic Value) to gain more detail from underneath the arches which would otherwise have been lost.

The Chappel viaduct is 1,066 feet (325 m) long, has 32 arches of 30 feet (9 m) span and its maximum height is 75 feet (23 m). It currently takes the Marks Tey to Sudbury branch line, which connects regularly with trains to and from London’s Liverpool Street Station.

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Wire Wool & Magnesium

Some magnesium added to the wire wool again for extra flashes of white light.

This one was set against another part of the ruined castle, not as strong as a background but leads the eye more to the burning wool and sparkles.

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Ice Fire - to reflect how cold it was

It was a cold night so I decided to turn the photo into a Black and White and then change the highlights to blue to give a cold and cool feel.

I think it looks pretty cool and have seen others copy the style since.

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Castle Scape - Hadleigh Castle Southend Essex on Flickr.

Light Pollution… really useful in this case as it gives a nice effect behind the ruined castle.

This was a long exposure with flashguns used to light up the castle so that they can be seen. Torches or lasers could also be used to add different effects.

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